Coffee Enema by Dr. Hiromi Shinya

Dr. Hiromi Shinya
The Developer of Flexible Fiberoptic Scope For Colonoscopy and Pioneer of CafeColon

Message from Dr Shinya
“You are what you eat.”
“What you eat makes your body and your health depends on the food you eat.”
I have examined more than 300,000 people’s stomachs and intestines for 35 years and realize that our health depends largely on our dietary life. And from my experiences I would like to teach you healthy, dietary habits to help you enjoy your life!

About Dr. Hiromi Shinya
Dr. Hiromi Shinya designed and developed a life-saving medical tool for the endoscopic treatment of polyps. Without requiring use of surgery, his revolutionary “Shinya Method” has become widely used in colonoscopies, the standard screening for the leading, non-tobacco related cancer killer in the US, colon cancer. Dr. Shinya is world renowned in performing intestinal-related procedures, and is known to have examined more than 300,000 stomachs and large intestines, and has performed nearly 100,000 polypectomies.

The change of diet brings tremendous burden on your bowel
I have had nearly 40 years of experience in medical care both in Japan and America.During the 1960s, Japanese diet was rapidly westernized and high-calorie and high-protein diet became common. Besides, we were buying more and more fast food and eating out more. At the same time, the hazardous environment change including air pollution, ambient pollution, soil change, overuse of agrochemical and chemical fertilizer started having an effect on our health. My 300,000 diagnoses told me that those bad elements affected human bowel.

A good dietary health” is the most important factor for you to enjoy a long and healthy life. Good dietary health keeps one’s stomach and intestine clean and prevents the body from decreasing the so called “Miracle Enzymes”.
Good Eating Habits
Good eating habits are essential for a healthy life.
This means maintaining "The Miracle Enzymes" and keeping the intestines clean. Let’s review your eating habits; What, When, and How do you eat? Do you understand and control your dietary life?
Good Water
Water is essential for your health.
Dringking “good water” such as mineral water; especially hard water which has much calcium and magnesium keeps your body at an optimal alkaline PH.
Optimal quantity is about 2 -3 cups about 1 hour before each meal.
Good Excreation
Start a daily habit to remove 'intestinal pollutants.' and to clean out your systems regularly.
Correct Exercise
Exercise is good for your health.
Walking (about 2.5 miles/day), swimming, tennis, golf, stretch, etc.
Rest / Sleep
Relax mentally and physically
Take enough time to sleep.
Being Stress-Free / Be Happy!
Positive thinking increases one’s immunity.
Negative thinking decreases one’s immunity.
Be good to yourself.
Saying 'NO' to release your stress.

Those are the advice I have been giving to my patients. It is not always easy to stick to these rules in our busy society.

Even if patients have regular bowel movement everyday, I still find, through the polypectomy examination, a lot of them have food scum in their bowel wall or colon fold. The scum goes off and poison the bowel in the environment of 36.5℃ body temperature within 24 hours. The best thing to get rid of the scum outside your body before it goes off.

To keep yourself young and healthy, it is important to get rid of food scum coming into large intestine after absorption of nutrition in small intestine as soon as possible. However in reality many people of all ages suffer from chronic constipation. Constipation and fecal impaction slow intestinal function down and various toxins and active oxygen produced as the result are said to be the most serious causes of adult diseases including hardened arteries, cancer and aging.

Prevention is the best medicine and dietary education will be important issue from now on.For 24 hours, your liver works hard to counteract poison. You should keep your large intestine clean to help liver to work smoothly. It is important for you to prevent illness rather than seek help after falling ill.

It is Coffee Enema makes that intestinal phase better
Coffee Enema is one of the methods to clean colon by improving constipation and fecal impaction. You can use Coffee Enema without disturbing the function of small intestine because it only cleans left side of large intestine.

If you are worried that Coffee Enema might be addictive, I can assure you by my data that you will still maintain normal bowel movement. People who use Coffee Enema have good intestinal phase, good bowel movement with few constipation and fecal impaction.

Coffee Enema is one of Gerson therapies developed by Dr. Max Gerson about 70 years ago. The liver is the biggest organ that generates toxin in the body. It is ideal for the improvement of liver function if you can remove toxin and body wastes generated in the colon by using Coffee Enema as soon as possible.

Whatever you do has only temporary effect unless the large intestine is clean. So I developed coffee for enema (cafe Colon -- editor) by adding to organic coffee the ingredients for to create good bowel condition based on this theory.

Another profound effect of Coffee Enema is that toxin and body waste in the blood can be removed more efficiently. After nutrition of food you eat is digested and absorbed in small intestine, food scum and undigested material stay in the fold of colon and bowel wall. If it stays more than a day, decomposition and fermentation will progress and generate toxin. It is important to get rid of remnants of food as feces using Coffee Enema before decomposition and fermentation.

Gerson therapy
Dr. Gerson developed it to treat his own migraine. It is one of the alternative therapies in which you are advised to eat fresh and natural food and to use Coffee Enema at the same time to have normal bowel function in order to recover liver’s detoxifying function.

A large number of patients have been benefited from the therapy and a lot of specialists who are interested in it have proved its effectiveness.
This Gerson therapy requires you to change your life style and your willingness to put it into practice.

After 300,000 cases of clinical study I developed “CafeCOLON” that consists of adequate thickness of organic coffee and ingredients for improving bowel condition based on this theory.